The following are frequently asked questions regarding Baptisms at Holy Trinity Church.

What must I do in order to have my baby baptized?

You must be a registered active member of Holy Trinity Parish and attend a baptism preparation class. Call the parish office to schedule the Baptism Preparation Class.

My husband’s family is not Catholic but he would very much like his sister to be the godmother of our son, is this permitted?

Yes this is allowed provided one godparent is a confirmed Catholic. It is the Catholic godparents’ role to support the parents in bringing up the child in the Catholic Faith.

How old must the godparent be?

At least 16 years old.

When do baptisms take place?

At Holy Trinity, we celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism at the 9:00AM Liturgy. Sometimes families prefer to have the Baptism outside of Mass. If this is the case, then Baptisms can be held after the 9:00AM Mass or on a Saturday.  You must call the Parish Office and set up time and date with the pastor or deacon.

I have not been to church for a number of years and my eight year old daughter has never been baptized. Could I have her baptized at the same time as our baby?

Yes, but you need to allow time for her preparation. She will need to be given some instruction about baptism so that she fully understands the Sacrament of Baptism.

For all other questions, please call Deacon William Staun at 513-366-4400.

Information form to fill out for Baptism can be located by going to the Home page, then Resources, then Flyer & Downloadable Documents, then Data for Baptismal Register.