Revised January, 2016

1. A registered parishioner may schedule a wedding tentatively. At the time of the inquiry, the person should be told to contact Father Pat Sloneker within two weeks for an initial meeting at which time the date can be set. Nothing can be entered into the calendar until after that meeting.

2. If neither party is registered as a parishioner (or as a child of a parishioner), the person may schedule a wedding according to the following: the wedding cannot be scheduled more than nine months prior to the desired date. Before the date can be set, the couple must secure the services of a priest or deacon to prepare the couple and perform the ceremony. Notification of this must be in writing. The fee for using the church for a wedding is $750.00. This does not include the musicians’ fee.

3. If neither party is registered as a parishioner but inquires about becoming a member in order to be married here, the following applies: they may register as parishioners but cannot contact Father Sloneker about a wedding until four months after registering. The usual nine month preparation period applies after this four months. Thus, after registering in the parish, the earliest wedding date that can be set is thirteen months later.